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Kit List

As space for bags is often quite limited, so we kindly ask that children try and bring one large bag.

As part of the camp, children will be preparing food for both themselves and others. For that reason, we kindly ask that children have nails cut back and avoid any rings (preventing the need to take them off/lose them).

- Strictly no mobile phones, electrical hand held games or high value watches. 

- No food (with the exception of dietary or medical reasons - which should be passed to a member of staff on arrival). Food inside bags can attract unwanted guests to the shelter village, including insects and wildlife. 

- No knives. 

Wild Camping Kit List

Use this list if your child will be staying for one night or more at Inside Out. 

clean clothes for every day + spare set

underwear for every day + spares


practical outdoor footwear (boots or trainers are ideal) 

pyjamas + spare set

pillow (optional)

flipflops, sliders or crocs 


wash kit, containing: 

  • bio-degradable baby-wipes for easy washing


  • flannel

  • toothbrush 

  • toothpaste

  • brush/combroll on deodorant (see advise on smellies below). 

Comfort item 

Waterproof layers 

Extra layers*, including cap, beanie, gloves & snood/scarf (underlayers can also be helpful)

Bug repellent 


A note book, pencil are more than welcome; along with a book to read during down time!

For anyone with long hair, a few hair bands are essential. 

**Please don't forget a bag or two for wet/dirty clothes!**

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Day Visiting Kit List

Outdoor friendly clothing (ideally older clothes that you don't mind getting grubby).

A complete change of clothes 

A towel

A plastic bag for dirty/wet clothes


Extra layers (prioritise extra core layer)

Practical outdoor footwear (boots or trainers), please avoid wellies. 

For anyone with long hair, please send them with a hair band or two. 

Advice & Guidance

Avoid sweet smelling sprays, creams, hair gels and deodorants. If they smell nice to us, they smell nice to insects too. A simple roll on deodorant and plain soap is perfect!


We strongly advise that children are at least part of the packing. That way, they know where to find things in their bags.


Wherever possible, pack all items into a single large holdall or rucksack. 


Rolls of clothes! This was a great bit of advice given to us when we were youn. Lay clothing out in day by day piles - then simply roll the clothing up into a log. You then have a 'log' of clothing for every day to simply lift out of the bag, saving the messy rummage for each item. 


Clothing should be older clothing that you don't mind getting dirty, stained or damaged by woodland activities. Inside Out Education Ltd takes no responsibility for any personal belong brought to camp in regards to damage or loss - therefore belongings are brought at own risk. 


Please ensure everything that comes with your child is named - noting that we can take no liability for personal possessions. 

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