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Products & Services

Inside Out Education Ltd is an umbrella company for the following companies/groups:

Inside Out | Bushcraft & Adventure © 2014 - 2024

Outcrafters © 2018 - 2024

Compass Tuition © 2014 - 2024

Any and all services offered by Inside Out Education Ltd, or any companies mentioned above are subject to Copyright Law (whether physical or intellectual). The following terms and conditions underwrite the services that are provided by the company and represent contractual agreements between clients/customers and Inside Out Education Ltd. 

References to terms such as ‘the business’, ‘we’ etc are, by reference to Inside Out Education Ltd and should be treated as such. 

Inside Out Education ltd provides the following services:

- Bushcraft & Adventure Camps
- Bushcraft & Adventure Workshops, Activities & Events 

- Bushcraft Club (Outcrafters)
- Bushcraft CPD Training and Corporate Events

- Private Tuition Services by qualified teaching staff (Compass Tuition)

All services are carried out in accordance with relevant UK trading laws; are subject to appropriate standards set down by Health & Safety England (HSE) and the Insitute of Outdoor Learning (IOL). All activities are subject to comprehensive risk reduction analysis; copies of which can be provided upon request. 

Services are underwritten and insured by Activity Business Cover; a registered trading name of Blue Fox Limited. 



All bookings are subject to the appropriate registration form. 

Where bookings are made for minors (aged under 18), registration forms must be completed by an appropriate adult (parent or carer). 

Force Majeure Events (FME)

FME are events that neither we nor the setting, or any subsequent provider or service; even with all due care can foresee or avoid. FME include (but are not limited to):

- War

- Terrorist Activity

- Infectious Desease

- Unforeseen technical or stock related issues

- adverse weather conditions 


While considerable effort is made to alter plans for weather, where worsening weather presents safe concerns during an event, Inside Out reserves the right to move participant's using business insured, staff vehicles.  Where this is the case, a suitable safe location will be decided for continuation or cancellation and collection.​

Unless stated otherwise in the aforementioned terms or conditions; Inside Out - Bushcraft and Adventure will not be liable for any damage, loss, costs or other expenses incurred by you (or pay compensation), where our contractual obligations cannot be met due to as a result of FME

Camps, Workshops & Events

Inside Out Education provides Bushcraft & Adventure Camps, Workshops and events through its trading name Inside Out Bushcraft & Adventure © 2014 - 2024. Activities provided as part of these services include (but are not limited to):

- Bushcraft Workshops (including Fire Craft, Forest Craft, Camp Craft, Cook Craft & Navigational Craft)

- Adventure Activities 

- Wild Camping opportunities 

- Camping opportunities in a variety of UK locations

Predominantly, all services are provided from one of two sites:

- IOE | Lakeside (a <7 acre woodland located nr. Tottenhill, Norfolk)

- IOE | Sandpits (a <2 acre woodland located in South Runcton, Norfolk)

​Inside Out does however, from time to time, use appropriate offsite venues and locations for activities listed as part of the booking. 

​For offsite activities, or where circumstances are necessary, staff vehicles with adequate business insurance can be used to transport  children between venues or to emergency medical services.  All drivers must hold valid UK driving to be used as a driver for participants.

Services are limited and can be altered and/or cancelled based on the following factors:

- difficulty

- minimum numbers cannot be met

- site availability 

- staff availability

- season and/or weather

- group need (whether it be learning, medical or other)

Inside Out Education Ltd and any subsequent company, maintains a fair and consistent behaviour standard. This standard is expected of all visitors, clients and staff. Failure to adhere to these standards can result in removal from activities and/or a ban from using any services provided by Inside Out Education ltd. 

Inside Out Education Ltd reserves the right to refuse access to service if it is felt that there is a conflict of interest, or that behaviour, opinion or standard poses a risk to other participants, staff or the business as a whole. 

All activities are subject to relevant ratios, which are as follows:

- 1:10 for onsite activities

(not including a leading member of staff)

- 1:8 for offsite activities

(not including a leading member of staff)

All activities at Inside Out are for children aged 8+ (unless otherwise stated). 

All bookings are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are only secured by deposit and/or full payment. Verbal/written confirmation does not override this requirement. 

Inside Out Education Ltd can accept no liability for personal belongings brought to an event. All personal belongings are brought at own risk. 

Booking/Paying for Events


All bookings should be processed through the website.

Inside Out Education Ltd does not offer an invoice booking system for any of it's Bushcraft & Adventure Camps, Workshops or Activities (this is different for schools, clubs or corporate bookings). 


Some events have the option of a deposit payment. Where this option is available, bookings must be paid in full no later than four weeks prior to an event taking place. Where payments are not made by this time, Inside Out Education Ltd reserves the right to cancel events without refunding/or returning any paid deposit.  

Deposits are non-refundable. 

Inside Out accepts payment by card (both credit & debit), Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna. Card payments are processed using Stripe. 



Cancellation by Inside Out

Inside Out Education Ltd reserves the right to cancel events if:

- minimum numbers cannot be met

- staff are no longer available

- season and/or weather

- group need (whether it be learning, medical or other)

Where bookings are subject to cancellation, Inside Out Education Ltd will offer alternative dates and/or bookings. Where alternatives cannot be found, Inside Out Education Ltd cannot offer a refund to a voucher to be used against other events offered by Inside Out Education Ltd. 


If a booking is cancelled or rejected at any point during an activity due to a participants behaviour; no refund will be offered. Parents/Carers and clients agree to the terms and conditions and behaviour standards of Inside Out at booking and are expected to adhere to them throughout the entirety of their booking. It is at the discretion of Inside Out staff as to whether alternative dates will be offered (see behaviour standards). 


Cancellation by Customer

Where customers request cancellation, Inside Out Education Ltd will endeavour to offer an alternative date/event that matches the value of the original booking wherever possible. 


Bookings for events that are cancelled with less than two weeks notice remain nonrefundable; and must be paid in full. 


Cancellations that are made with more than four weeks notice are refundable minus the original booking deposit. 

Where refunds are agreed, they can only be returned to the original payment method. Where this is not possible, refunds will be offered in the form of Inside Out Education vouchers or credit notes. 


Outcrafters | Bushcraft Club

Outcrafters, is the copyright name given to the Bushcraft Club run by Inside Out Education Ltd. All Outcrafter sessions work towards a collection of Bushcraft skills determined in an in-house bushcraft syllabus (The Outcrafter Collection © 2019-2024). Outcrafters and the Outcrafter collection and the physical and intellectual property of Inside Out Education Ltd and are protected by Copyright Law. 

Outcrafters currently offers the following services:

- Weekly Outcrafter Sessions 
Weekly Outcrafters currently meet 6:00-8:30pm, term time Fridays. They also regularly wild camp using both Inside Out sites and other sites deemed appropriate to Inside Out.

- Monthly Outcrafter Sessions
Monthly Outcrafters currently meet on the second Saturday of the month, term time.

- Outcrafter+ 

This project is currently in development and updates will be available shortly. 

- Use of the Outcrafter syllabus as part of reoccurring school/education contracts. 

See School/Club/Corportate Bookings

Outcrafters all work towards three level standards within the Outcrafter Collection across five subject areas (with the exception of Navigational Craft). There are no guarantees that participants will complete the Outcrafter collection in a set time frame (or at all); and progression is both determined and recorded by Inside Out Education Staff. 

While programs may be advertised, there are no guarantees that set activities may/may not happen within a booking as these may be altered due to participant need, staff demand, weather or resource availability. 

In the interest of both protecting the woodland environment and providing quality workshops, Inside Out Education Ltd limits all Outcrafter sessions to 30 participants. This can however be lower if using an alternative site or it is necessary for safety. 

Outcrafters is open to children aged 8-14.

Participants attending Outcrafters (of any format) agree to adhere to the behaviour standards of Inside Out Education Ltd. Where this is not the case, Inside Out Education Ltd reserves the right to deny access or cancel bookings. 

Weekly Outcrafter Sessions

Weekly Outcrafters is a subscription service. Allocated spaces are there by protected and secured upon registration. These spaces will remain allocated to that individual until such time as:

- Parents/Carers inform Inside Out Education ltd that there child no longer wishes to attend;

- Inside Out Education Ltd cancels registration for that individual (confirmation of which will always be made in writing);

- Three sessions are missed, back to back, with no payment being made and/or notification of non-attendance being submitted. 

Booking Weekly Outcrafters

Weekly Outcrafter sessions are a subscription service. Users of the service can pay in blocks of one, two, four and six sessions at a time. Discount is provided for larger consecutive bookings. 

Bookings for weekly Outcrafter sessions must be received on or before 6.00pm on Thursday, in the week the session is due to take place. Bookings received after this time will be allocated to the following weeks session. 

Registered Spaces & Minimum Attendance
After a trial sessions, parents will be offered the option to now subscribe to future sessions. This will then register their child as an Outcrafter; and will make one of the Outcrafters spaces exclusive to that child. 

The space will remain exclusive to the named child until such time as:
- They age out (15 and over)

- They fail to attend, without subscription for three consecutive sessions
- Continually cancel sessions, failing to attend more than 3 in 5 sessions or cancel/fail to attend more than sixty percent of sessions in a school term irrespective of whether a subscription is held*
*This is of course within reasonable understanding; the above rule will not be considered for long term injury or health complications. For bi-weekly Outcrafters (for example, children whose parents may be separated) - this rule is applied to sessions they are expected to attend. 

Cancelling Weekly Outcrafters

When booking in using multiple session subscriptions, it is presumed that children will be at the weekly session unless we are informed otherwise. Inside Out Education Ltd must be notified on or before 6:00pm Thursday if a child cannot make that week's session. Failure to notify Inside Out before this deadline will result in sessions still being charged.

Parents/carers have a dedicated form on the Outcrafter Parent Hub, where they should submit non-attendance. Emails, messages or verbal notification of non-attendance cannot be used. 

Inside Out Education ltd reserves the right to cancel an Outcrafter session for the following reasons:

- minimum numbers cannot be met

- staff are no longer available

- season and/or weather

- group need (whether it be learning, medical or other)

Where sessions are cancelled by Inside Out, any balance will be automatically rolled forward to the next available session. No refunds for cancelled sessions can be offered. 

Where the minimum attendance clause is used to cancel an Outcrafters space, remaining Outcrafter balances will be refunded to the payment method used. Parents/Carers will be notified of this by email. 

Monthly Outcrafter Sessions

Monthly Outcrafters is a pay and play service; and not a subscription. Therefore places are not guaranteed. Booking and payment secures spaces. 

Booking Monthly Outcrafters

Monthly Outcrafters are a bookable event, and can be booked for various dates throughout the year via the website. Monthly Outcrafters is not a subscription service; and places are offered on a first come first served basis. 

Bookings for Monthly Outcrafter sessions must be made in full. 

Cancelling Monthly Outcrafters

Parents/carers can cancel Outcrafter sessions in writing at any time. That said, Inside Out Education Ltd will only offer a refund if a cancellation is received at least two weeks prior to the event.


If cancellation is made with less than two weeks notice, but more than 48 hours notice; then Inside Out Education ltd can offer a 'roll forward' of the booking, allowing parents to book the next available monthly session. This session must be within 12 months of the original booking. 


Where cancellation is made with less than 48 hours notice, Inside Out Education Ltd cannot offer a refund or roll forward of the booking.  

Inside Out Education ltd reserves the right to cancel an Outcrafter session for the following reasons:

- minimum numbers cannot be met

- staff are no longer available

- season and/or weather

- group need (whether it be learning, medical or other)

Where sessions are cancelled by Inside Out, any booking will be automatically rolled forward to the next available session. No refunds for cancelled sessions can be offered. 

School/Club/Coroporate Bookings

Inside Out Education ltd provided 'custom built' events to schools, clubs, corporate settings and any other external setting that is deemed appropriate by booking staff at Inside Out. 

Confirming Bookings/Payments/Repsonsibilities


To allow for details to be confirmed and agreed, any initially confirmed dates will be temporarily held by Inside Out Education Ltd for up to two weeks. At such times, if no deposit is made, bookings will automatically be cancelled. 

To confirm a booking, the setting must confirm by email, agreeing dates, confirmed prices and numbers. Booking must then be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit, as detailed below:



Rate: £100.00 (for every day to be booked)

ie. If booking a one night, two day residential: £200.00


Payable within |  4 weeks of confirmation email. 


Deposit is payable by card (over the phone) or by BAC's transfer using details provided on the deposit invoice. 


On receipt of Non-Refundable deposit, a final confirmation email will be sent, with details of how to login to the settings 'personal' webpage, along with a final invoice for the remaining balance. 


Final Payment(s)

Rate | Agree on a contract by contract basis

Payable within/by | six week prior to book event. 


Where bookings are made with less than six weeks notice, full payment is due at least two weeks prior to an event. 


Where payment deadlines are not met, Inside Out - Bushcraft & Adventure reserves the right to immediately cancel events and retain deposits. 

Lead Staff Member

When booking, a lead organiser from the setting will be designated. It is the responsibility of this named individual to ensure: 

- payments are made by deadlines set. 

- payments are made up, accounting for any late payment fees

Inside Out Education will provide agreed provisions on the dates/days mentioned above unless otherwise agreed in writing and under the proviso that invoices for provision are paid on time. Where invoices are overdue, an initial late payment fee of £70.00 will be applied; along with a daily interest/late payment charge of 8.5% per day of the overall invoice sum (applied weekly until payment is made). 

- confirming details of any attending participants and/or supporting staff

- adequate information is provided using formats set by Inside Out on all participants. Note that any information not provided can by participants at risk. Liability of such information remains with the setting and name individual. 

- must ensure that the conduct of participants and supporting staff is in accordance with the behaviour standards of Inside Out. 

Minumum/Maximum Numbers


All bookings are subject to minimum and maximum numbers, as detailed below: 

Residential Visits:

Minimum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of participants: 30

Staff from Inside Out working ratio: 1:10

Staff from you setting working ratio: 1:10


We will notify you of how many staff are included in the arranged cost, both from us and your setting. Where you wish to add additional staff onto your booking, there is additional cost of £35 per day for this. 


Day Visits:  

Minimum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of participants: 50

Staff from Inside Out working ratio: 1:10

Staff from your setting working ratio: 1:10


We will notify you of how many staff are included in the arranged cost, both from us and your setting. Where you wish to add additional staff onto your booking, there is an additional cost of £15 per day for this. 

Cancelling a Booking

If you need to cancel

External settings can cancel events at any time. Where possible, should you need to cancel, we will try and offer alternative dates (should determining factor). Where alternative dates are not available or not applicable, the following charges apply to cancellations:

- if prior to six week 'full payment' deadline (irrespective as to whether full payment has already been made): full refund, minus deposit. 

- If less than six weeks to the event: fifty percent refund of fund paids.  

- if less than three weeks to booked event: no refund issued. 


The above rates are applicable to individual participant bookings and whole event bookings, and are applied accordingly. 


If we need to cancel

In circumstances where 'we' (Inside Out - Bushcraft & Adventure) have to cancel, we will write to you immediately with details as to why. Where possible, and applicable; we will offer alternative dates for you booking. Where this is not possible/should dates not be suitable for you setting, we will offer a full refund including deposit. 


Where this is the case, we will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or other expenses you may incur as a result of your booking being cancelled. 

Altering your Booking

We are proud to offer bookings that give settings control of what content is included. And offer settings the ability to alter bookings (where reasonable) up to six weeks prior to an event. Changes should always be made in writing. 


Where changes are request with less that six weeks to go, to an event; Inside Out reserves the right to charge a £50.00 administration fee, and any other fees incurred as as result of the change. 


Where 'we' (Inside Out - Bushcraft & Adventure) are forced to make changes, we will inform you immediately and in writing. Where these changes affect the cost of the event, should they be 'more' than the agreed value, then we agree to 'absorb' these charges. Where these reduce the cost of the event, we will offer a refund to the 'value' (not including any costs, loss, damage or other expenses incurred by the setting). 


Rates are fixed, and charged on a 'number of participants' rate. These rates will be explained to you upon booking, and provided in writing. Where you participant numbers fall or rise pass certain thresholds (as outlined below), additional costs may incur. 


Residential Rates Threshold

15<20 Participants 

20<30 Particpants 


Date Rate Thresholds

15<25 Participants

25<35 Participants

35<45 Participants

45> Participants


Schools local to your either Tottenhill Woodland (Lakeside) or South Runcton Woodland (Sandpits); local being determined as within a 10 mile radius (as the grow flies) will receive a 10% discount on overall cost. 


The setting, any named staff from the setting and the lead contact from the setting, will remain (at all times, during and throughout):

- responsible for the individual and child specific support needs, including but not limited to educational support, targeted medical support (including administering of medication) and otherwise deemed 'additional' pastoral care for participants and associated staff. 

- in the role of 'loco-parentis' for all participants aged 18 or under

- ensure that groups are appropriately supervised throughout

- ensure that the rules and safety procedures and behaviour standards of Inside Out are maintained at all times.

All attending and supporting individuals from your setting, where aged 16+ (and not a participant), must hold relevant background checks and an enhanced DBS. 


Your booking is governed by English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Legal System and Courts. 

Equal Opportunities

Please be sure to discuss individual participant or staff requirements before confirmation of booking; and again, should they change in the run up to the booking. 


Inside Out reserves the right to deny access to participants, who's needs (with more than 'reasonable adjustment') cannot be met by the setting; or in providing access to the setting would actively be put at risk. 


Inside Out will endeavour to always make 'reasonable adjustments' to make activities accessible to all; but in booking, you acknowledge that the setting is a 'open woodland' setting. Inside Out - Bushcraft & Adventure is committed to the natural upkeep and protection of the woodland as a habitat for wildlife, flora and trees - and will make 'reasonable adjustments' in line with a policy not to cause permanent or lasting damage to the woodland setting. 

Behaviour Standards

Inside Out Education Ltd is proud to provide safe and beneficial activities for children aged 8+ and adults. 

Inside Out Education Ltd has a fair and consistent behaviour standard that applies to all users of services; including customers, parents and staff. 

The Four Simple Rules

1) Keep activity in the right places.

With the exception of a small number of activities, toilets, kitchen spaces and sleeping areas are activity & workshop free zones. 

2) Stay within the boundaries of the setting. 

Inside Out Education ltd uses a range of sites, including two Woodland spaces, visits to school sites, alternative venues and others not listed. Boundaries will be defined at the start of an activity by Inside Out Staff. These will be made clear to all participants and staff. 

3) Respect the enjoyment of all participants, including customers and staff. 

Inside Out Education Ltd operates a strict policy on bullying. Any behaviour that deliberately compromises or challenges the enjoyment of other participants or staff will not be tolerated. Abuse, whether verbal or physical will not be tolerated; and if felt necessary may be reported to external services. 

4) Do not put yourself, or anyone else in danger. 

Behaviour that is deemed to be deliberately dangerous, in any way, is strictly prohibited. 

Inside Out Education Ltd reserves the right to ban either participants or staff who cannot adhere to the rules above. 

If felt necessary, incidents can be reported to legal and or professional services.

Abuse or disrespect of any kind towards participants or staff will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. 

Liability & Insurance

At any time throughout your booking, and without undue hesitation; you must inform us of any issues related to you booking. We will not be liable ot pay out compensation for injury, illness, death, loss (material or immaterial) damage, expense, cost or other claims of any nature that result from:

- Unavoidable and/or extraordinary circumstances (see above)

- failure to prepare adequately for person(s) for whom we have not receive adequate notice of additional needs

- loss of personal equipment


Where found liable to you on any other basis, we limit the amount we have to pay to you to a maximum of the cost of your booking (not including cases involving death or personal injury). 


Where liability cases are raised, relevant information must be provided on request to both us and our insurers with all assistance we may reasonably request. 


See also - complaints policy. 


As a condition of the booking and/or contract with us, you must have adequate insurance in place for the duration of your visit and any prior/subsequent visits related to the visit (whether at our site(s) or yours). 


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover to protect you and your participants against the need to cancel you visit and/or to provide assistance if participants are injured and/or ill. Insurance covered you purchase must be suitable to your needs. 


Insurance documents held by us, will be provided at the point of booking. 

making a complaint

As a company, we will endeavour to ensure that every part of your booking is in line with or exceeds your expectations. If you do however, have a problem with any element of our service, booking or otherwise; please inform us, in writing, without undue hesitation. 


Please ensure that when writing a complaint, you keep the details of the grievance concise and clear throughout. If you fail to follow this simple procedure, we will have been deprived of the opportunity to invitage and rectify your complaint; which can affect your rights in line with your booking and contract. 


Should you not receive correspondence from us within 21 working days, please follow up; forwarding the original written complaint. 

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