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A whole five days and four nights of adventure for £295.00

A Bushcraft & Adventure Camp with a difference

What to expect from an Inside Out Camp?

Check out the promo video of our Bushcraft & Adventure Camps:

Why choose Inside Out?

Here's what children and parents think:

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All our Bushcraft & Adventure Camps are held at our 100% Outdoor, Woodland venue just near Tottenhill (West Norfolk). We are proud to be providers of genuine Bushcraft experiences for children aged 8-14.

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Our camps bring the magic of Bushcraft together with a wide variety of high energy and team based adventure activities - including our in house 'Wet & Wild' Assault course: '4 | Wet n' Wild', the hugely popular Slackline Challenge and of course - wild games (both during the day and at night).

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We know how important a good night's sleep is! That's why our fun-filled programs and activities are designed to ensure everyone is tired and ready for bed after a day of adventure. Our dedicated staff are available around the clock to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all campers.

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We believe in making unforgettable experiences accessible for all. Our camps offer exceptional value, with all meals (including hearty breakfasts and two cooked meals daily) and all necessary camping equipment included. Just pack your child's clothes, weatherproof gear, and a wash kit, and they're ready for an incredible adventure!

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At our camps, teamwork and community are more than just words – they're the foundation for lasting friendships and incredible experiences. Our passionate, experienced, and fully-vetted staff are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment where every child can thrive.

Check out the camp programmes for this summer using the link below! 

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About the Themes

What are themes? Our way of tailoring your child's booking to their interests - unleash their inner survivor; check out the finer details and put them into practise as an explorer; or engage the team work and crafts as a tribal Bushcrafter. 

How does it all work? At our camp, unforgettable memories are built on the foundation of community, teamwork, and friendship. We create countless opportunities for campers to connect, from exhilarating wild games and campfire cooking to exciting adventure activities. But the fun doesn't stop there! Woven into this collaborative spirit are specialized workshops that delve deeper into a variety of exciting themes, ensuring there's something for everyone.


For the castaway and 'Bear' survivalists - survivor themed workshops will look at those bare basic and minimal survival skills. From advanced fire crafting to hunting & trapping*; crafting tools and responding to emergency situations through workshops, scenarios and challenges.

Specialising in: Fire Craft | Forest Craft | Camp Craft

*we do not hunt/trap animals at Inside Out; skills are covered in a demonstration capacity only. 


When knowledge is power; explorers take time to understand. Explorer sessions will look at the deeper skills of bushcraft, including advanced tool work, foraging and building and navigating using technology, nature and or instinct alone. 

Specialising in: Fire Craft | Forest Craft | Nav Craft

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For those that cherish the team time and the sharing of skills! Tribal sessions will look at the more 'crafty' side of buschraft, with hands on craft projects including advanced cooking workshops, natural crafting and crafting using leather, natural materials or bushcraft tools. 

Specialising in: Cook Craft | Forest Craft | Fire Craft

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