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School | Day Visits

Ideal for larger groups, secondary schools or custom events for out of school groups. Day Visits are bite sized adventures, lasting anywhere between 3 and 6 hours (or longer). What's included, like the rest of our programs, is entirely up to you. We'll tailor build your day (or days) to you and your pupils. 

- £20-24 per person
- Up to fifty pupils per day visit
- Lunch, snacks and drinks all included

- Personalised programme, where you choose the activities. 
- Open to pupils in Years 4 and above. 

How day visits work?


As with all our school events, we want them to be as stress free for you as possible! You can come to us or we can come to you. 

All of our day visit options will involve at least one fire craft workshop and wild games. From there, the rest is up to you and how long your visit will be. Schools can pick anywhere up to three additional workshops in either Bushcraft or Adventure activities; and if visiting us, lunch is included (cooked on fires of your pupils making).

What we can offer

All of our Bushcraft & Adventure Days include a fire craft session. Exactly what this will be is determined by factors like seasonal resources, weather, group size. 

From there, you could pick a mix of up to three Bushraft & Adventure Workshops:

Bushcraft WorkshopsBushcraft Tools (whittling, crafting etc), Primitive Tools (spears, slingshots and archery), foraging, build projects, open fire cooking, butchery and more. 

Adventure Workshops | 4 (Wet n' Wild), Slackline challenge, scenarios, team building games. 


Activities & Safety


We want everyone to have a great time - after all, it's what adventures are all about. All of our activities are designed to promote team work, confidence and resilience in young people. They are all carefully risk assessed and Inside Out is a proud member Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL) - Bushcraft Professional Practice group - who set industry leading standards.  

You will also find us on your in school Evolve system and we will provide you with all insurance documentation, DBS/Safeguarding assurance and county approved provider statements. 

Booking Enquiry Form

Complete this short for to start the ball rolling on booking a day/days visits to Inside Out.

Nb. Day Visits are open to pupils in Year 3 and above. 

Thank you. This has now gone to our education, and either Nathan or Sam will come back to you. We aim to respond to all enquiries in two working days.

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