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This is a very different event to the standard camps we run here at Inside Out; and while we will of course include a range of Bushcraft Workshops & Activities; however the main aim of the camp is of course to use existing Bushcraft & Camping skills, to travel 56km from Tottenhill to Burnham Overy Staithe. 

Can we thank you all for supporting these young people by sponsoring them in one of two charities (Norfolk & Waveney Mind or Break). 

Please complete the form below, ensuring you have read through all the information provided. 

Camp Overview | Essential Information
Please read carefully

This camp is a challenge camp that will see participants walk (approximately) 56 kilometres over the space of five days. This will mean participants can be walking for approximately 5-6 hours in a day, and the same again over multiple days.

You must be confident as parents/carers that your child is physically able to take part in and walk these distances - this is particularly important for any children that have not been part of the preparation sessions.

We reserve the right to request any participant is picked up throughout the camp if we feel they can no longer safely continue. As such, it is important that someone is contactable at all times. 

While walking, participants will be required to carry a small day bag containing lunch, water and a small amount of personal equipment (including for hygiene). The bag should be no larger than 25 litres. 

All participants should have appropriate clothing & footwear for the activity. A full list can be found on the website (see link below). Please note that if children do not have appropriate equipment; in the interests of safety and welfare, we reserve the right to deny entry. 


In addition to the day bag for hiking, participants should bring a second bag that should be packed with all other equipment needed (clothing etc). Again, please see below for the kit list. 

The camp will start at: 08:30 | Monday 27th May, 2024 | Lakeside Woodland

(directions - click here)

The camp will finish at Burnham Overy Staithe 17:00 | Friday 31st May, 2024
(directions - click here

At the end of the camp, please meet us at the walk way near to 'Welcome Ferry' & 'North Norfolk Paddle Boards' in Burnham Overy Staithe. Please note that this is North Norfolk Coastal location and can be very busy. Please ensure you allow enough time to park and make your way to the location below. We will share a live location using the WhatsApp Broadcast. Please be there from 17:00; although allow time for us to make it back from the beach when waiting,

Participants will be camping in a range of locations across the week listed below:
- Pott Row Village Hall (indoor camping)
- Harpley Village Hall & Grounds (outdoor camping)

- Dreamy Hollows Campsite (outdoor camping)
- Burnham Market Village Hall & Grounds (outdoor camping)

Thanks for submitting!

What is a WhatsApp Broadcast Group?

A WhatsApp Broadcast group is in basic terms, the same as sending an email using the BCC (Blind Copy) option. It enables us to send messages to large numbers of people; while sharing none of their personal information. On the receiving end, it'll look like we have only messaged you privately. All replies are private and between you and us only too. It makes it incredibly useful for keeping everyone up to date. 

We will not be able to message people individually; as our priority (as always) will be on the young people taking part. The Broadcast Group will not be something we necessarily use daily. It'll only be used for important and relevant updates, along with sharing our final location on the Friday should you struggle to find us. 

10K Camp | Kit List

For this event, children will need two bags. A comfortable day bag (small rucksack) and a holdall for clothing, washkits etc.

They will be carrying the day bag for all parts of the walk. 

The holdall will go into our kit van, which will take everything to the next location. They will not get access to this bag while hiking. 

We strongly encourage that children are part of the packing process so they know where things are. 

- No knives, electrics or aerosols.

Day Bag

Light weight waterproofs

Cap & Sunscreen

Any personal medication (inhalers etc)*

A small, personal first aid kit, consisting of (at least):

- Plasters

- Blister plasters

- Bandages

- Nail Clippers

- Anti-chafing cream 

- Vaseline 

- Small Moisturiser

Water Bladder & Cleaning Kit


Space to carry kit.


Clothes for every day (t-shirt, trousers, shorts, jumpers)

Spare clothes

Underwear for everyday (plus spares)
Socks for every day (plus spares)*

*Please note that we do recommend hiking socks, or two pairs (one thin and one set of slightly thicker) for each day. 

Washkit, consisting of (at least):

- Toothbrush

- Toothpaste

- Hand Towel

- Flannel

- Shower gel or Soap

- Baby Powder

- Roll on deodorant

Clothes to sleep in

Flipflops or Sliders (for this event we do not recommend crocs)

Large Towel
Swimwear (for the beach)

Carrier bags for wet/dirty clothes

Notebook, Pen/Pencil, Reading book and small entertainment*
Cards, travel game, etc. Strictly no electricals. 

Hike Wear & Advice

Sturdy, well worn in Walking Boots*

*As this event will involve a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, we strongly advise that children cut their nails right back to prevent injury. 

Loose fitting, comfortable trousers

We recommend a water bladder for carrying water (at least 2 litre). 

Please ensure that all nails are cut short (this is both to prevent foot injury & for hygiene purposes). 

We strongly recommend practice walks with their day bag and over lengthy duration's. 

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