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A #DecadeOfAdventures & #ADecadeOFStories

Tune in here every month as we capture the stories of our staff - both long serving and short and see how every single member of staff has left their mark and made Inside Out the company it is today. 

Inside Out was very much a dream... and to sit here now writing the story of how it is now ten years old is an amazing privilege. We've worked with hundreds (actually now thousands) of young people. Some only for a few hours - others for weeks at a time. And we really are proud to say that every single person - from the 8 year old new starter to the 30+ year old member of staff has had an impact on what we are now.

But where did it all start?

Originally we had designed a company that would take adventure and bushcraft into schools. That was the original plan and hence we called it 'Inside Out'. But that all changed when a good friend, and my Bushcraft mentor for years (Bob) came to us with the offer of a woodland space. A 1.7 acre woodland known as Sandpits!  

Roll the clock forward, past months of paperwork and resourcing and we were ready to run our first ever trial event. A completely free event that saw 25 children attend. 

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